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Earth Day

Comic #149

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Author's Comment

Happy (belated) Earth Day everyone!

So regarding the spam issue, I do have something I'm working on implementing that should take care of it. The downside is that I'm probably going to have to delete all the existing comments, because at this point there is just too much spam for me to go through and delete it all individually. I'm hoping there's some way around this because I've had a lot of great comments and I don't want to lose them! We'll see how it goes.

Uploaded by FLOABComic at 15:16 on 23 April

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Posted at 15:26
Mon 23 Apr 2012
by podzim

Haha brilliant!

Gravatar Posted at 15:26
Mon 23 Apr 2012
by podzim

Haha, brilliant!

Gravatar Posted at 08:14
Tue 24 Apr 2012
by The Jay Stack

All of those fine arguments about noses will now be lost to the annals of time :(

Gravatar Posted at 11:34
Tue 24 Apr 2012
by rooster

Noo don't lose the nose threads! Those comments were highly entertaining.

Gravatar Posted at 17:17
Wed 25 Apr 2012
by IllogicalSpyder

So THATS why we keep having global warming!

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Wed 16 May 2012
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Thu 17 May 2012
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