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Pack of Lions

Comic #126

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Author's Comment

It's just disrespectful to call them by the wrong name.

Special thanks to my neighbor, Jason Hoynes, for our entirely-too-long conversation about animal group names last night.

Uploaded by FLOABComic at 13:23 on 24 Febuary

Gravatar Posted at 14:51
Fri 24 Feb 2012
by Vera Libertas

Pissed of pride of lions?! WHAT. HAVE. YOU. DONE?

Gravatar Posted at 18:36
Fri 24 Feb 2012
by WheresTheFudge

Could they also be called a clowder seeing as they are in fact cats?

Gravatar Posted at 05:24
Mon 27 Feb 2012

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Gravatar Posted at 11:24
Mon 27 Feb 2012
by IllogicalSpyder

Man, you'd better be glad you just screwed up the name on a pride of lions. If a whoop of gorillas heard you calling them "pack", you'd pray for death!

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